I am enough.

God has me right over His heart.  He says I am enough. I do not need to prove my worth.

The truth is, I have not believed this.  I am ashamed to come before Him, looking for my performance to prop me up.  I am naked, trying to cover myself with good deeds, hoping He will not notice my shame beneath.  Hoping if I do not acknowledge it, perhaps no one else will.

God sees through the covering.  He sees the core of me, naked, pitiful me, and He smiles.

He smiles because He doesn’t see me as naked or pitiful.  He brushes off the performance patchwork, like dust covering a diamond.  For that is how He sees me: His diamond, His gem that He has lovingly crafted.   


Today I will live in that knowledge that I am God’s treasure.  He is keeping me in His pocket, right over His heart. Like a grandfather who has gathered his grandchild on His lap, both content to sit and rock on the front porch.  Nowhere to be or do, just enjoying the warmth and love of the other in the peaceful quiet of a still summer afternoon.


It is enough.

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