Where i am — at the end of a several days’ binge of media coma

Who God is — the Creator, Sustainer of life


Father, You who are without gender, without the limitations of the dimensions within which I live, I want to know Your ways.  Jesus invited me into Your fellowship and I humbly accept His invitation. Please, do what You need to do to make my heart and mind capable of listening and understanding. I realize I could live the rest of the time allotted to me here chasing emptiness. I’m sorry for the years I’ve already spent in that pursuit.  From this point forward, I want to live in reality, in the kingdom of heaven that Jesus said is here. 


I recognize that I don’t even know what I’m asking.  Jesus walked in faith and in sacrifice and suffering.  But what He had, what He saw, was real…more real than what I see surrounding me now.  I want that reality.